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Limousine Rentals Information

When looking for limousine transportation, there is no better alternative than renting a limousine. Limos offer a first class method of travel that will get you to your destination in style. When researching to rent a limo, there are a few common questions that come up.

What is the cost to rent a limousine?

Limousine rental prices can vary greatly depending upon your location, the type of vehicle you select, your occasion, and the amount of time you wish to rent the limo. Another factor that can influence the price is the time of year you book your limo. Demand for limo services is at its highest in the spring due to Prom and Wedding activity and this tends to increase the prices required for reservations. As a result, a good rule of thumb is to reserve your limousine in advance for big events so you can lock in a price that is favorable.

If I rent a limo to and from an event, do I have to pay while the event is taking place?

Yes. The reason is because this would still represent your rental time even though you are not physically in the vehicle. For example, if you rent a limousine to take you to and from an event, you are charged for the hours during the event since the vehicle cannot be used elsewhere.

If there is a long period in between your drop-off and pick-up times then some companies may offer the option to only charge for the transportation to and from your destination. This can be an inconvenience, however, since it means you cannot leave items in the limousine and you won’t have the flexibility to leave the event early.

What vehicle types are available to rent?

For larger groups, a stretch limo will typically seat up to 10 passengers and comes in many makes and sizes ranging from Chysler 300, Hummers, Mercedez Benz to Porsche limousine. If your group exceeds 10 passengers then you will want to consider larger vehicles such as SUV limousines or party bus. Whatever your selection, it’s important to consider your own personal style and the accommodations of the other passengers when browsing options.

Is a ten-passenger big enough for ten people?

That depends on the size of the people and if is adults or kids/teens riding. If your group has 10 adults we highly recommend you go with a limousine that can at least holds 14 passengers. If your group has 10 kids/teenagers then a 10 passenger limo should work. When riding on a limo it is always more comfortable to have more room rather than filling the limousine to its maximum (not recommended ).

Why is renting a limo at sundown a better choice than daytime?

There are several reasons why…traffic tends to be lighter at night (less time stuck in traffic on a limo that you’re renting by the hour), you will get to enjoy the inside lighting of the limousine better than you would during the daytime, limo rates tend to be slightly lower for night time rentals and nothing better than enjoying the city lights at night.

Can I bring and drink alcohol in the limousine?

We allow passengers to bring and drink alcohol provided there is no underage drinking in the vehicle. As long as everyone in the limo is over 21, you can bring alcohol into the limo and drink it. All of the damage to the vehicle (i.e. spills, sickness, broken pieces of interior, etc.) will be charged for in full according to our policies.

Can I smoke in the limousine?

NO! smoking of any kind is allowed. All of our vehicles are NON-smoking. If smoking occurs in a vehicle, the limousine ride will be terminated, no-refund will be issued and additional cleaning fees will be applied.

Why renting a limousine is a good idea when going out on the town drinking?

Safety is a big reason.  DWIs are very expensive ($10,000-$20,000 I am told—more if your vehicle is confiscated).

Are you limousines inspected?

Our limousines are permitted, inspected and reviewed annually.

Are your chauffeurs permitted?

Our chauffeurs are permitted and reviewed annually.

Are you insured?

Yes, we are fully insured and permitted.

How much should I tip my driver